Backbone33 Guide

Welcome to Backbone33! Your dataroom is your company's legal backbone. If you structure it right, you will never loose a document ever again!

Here’s what you should know before you start:

  • Your dataroom should be complete. It should include all documents necessary to re-construct your company’s history. This includes all contracts and legal documents relating to your company, starting with its incorporation.
  • You should tag your documents with various pieces of metadata to make it easier to find them again later on - we call this “enrichment”.
  • Documents have at least one stakeholder - for instance, there must be at least one shareholder when you incorporate your company. Other types of stakeholders would be employees, creditors, government agencies, and so on. Managing your stakeholders is an integral part of building your dataroom. We recommend keeping your stakeholders up to date and tightly connected to your documents.
  • Documents belong to a category - for instance, employment contracts belong to the category “Human Resources”. We’ve already created a number of common categories for you to guide you in structuring your dataroom. You can of course create your own categories if ours are insufficient for your company. We recommend to assign a category to all of your documents.
  • Documents belong to an event - for instance, the shareholder’s agreement for your first venture capital round could belong to the event “Series A”. We’ve already created the event “Incorporation” for you, because every company has to start somewhere. It’s up to you to create more events as needed. In the end, your events should give you a bird’s-eye view of your company’s history.
  • Some documents have references to other documents - for instance, if you grant stock options to an employee, the respective grant letter will have to reference the employee’s prior employment contract. We also recommend to create these references when you enrich your documents.
  • We want to make the enrichment as easy as possible for you. Therefore, we are automatically showing all of your documents which don’t have a date, don’t have a category, or don’t have any stakeholders on your company’s To-Do list.

That’s everything you need to know. Structuring your dataroom along these guidelines, will make it much easier to communicate with your investors, business partners, lawyers, consultants, and accountants. To upload your first document, dismiss this introduction and click the green “+” icon on the bottom right of the following page. Alternatively, you can just drag’n’drop your PDFs onto the page. Good luck! ;)